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How have we helped similar businesses?

Check out a few of our Case Studies performed for small business owners we have assisted in generating a return on investment and increased profits through our effective digital marketing strategies.

Case Study #1
Google Search Rankings
Business: Shake Shop in Bardstown, KY

A local Shake Shop opened September of 2020 in downtown Bardstown, KY.
They are a food service based industry that crafts custom shakes using the Herbalife line of products.
They sell Protein Shakes, Energy Teas/Drinks, Protein Waffles/Crepes/Donuts and Smoothies and Juices.

In August of 2020 we began promoting this business before the official Grand Opening Event in September.
A Facebook and Instagram page were established to generate interest in the brand and excitement around the Grand Opening.
Within 5 days of account creation our client had over 1,000 followers on social media.

This Client currently does not have a website and only utilizes social media and their GMB listing as SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
Search the term “shakes near me” with the location set to Bardstown and our client is listed on the first page of Google four times:
in the GMB listing box, their Facebook page generates next in the listings, next, and Bardstown Chamber last.

In conclusion – a website is not needed to maintain top of page ranking for Google SEM.
An effective SMM (social media marketing) strategy and GMB listing that remains up to date with consistent postings maintains top of page rankings on Google just as effectively.

Case Study #2
Digital Paid Ad Campaign
Business: MedSpa in Bardstown, KY

Client is a full service MedSpa located in Bardstown, KY. 

They offer Injectables, Laser Hair removal, IPL treatments, Facials, Brow Services, Lash Extensions, and a variety of other beauty services. 

In May of 2020 during the statewide shutdown we performed several marketing campaigns for this MedSpa – one being a paid ad campaign for their new Weight Loss Procedure.

Our Client had an ad spend budget of $50 that we used to generate over 70 sales during a 30 day time frame. 

The total amount of profit generated for our client during this campaign was $107,878 (excluding initial ad spend costs). 

In conclusion – using an effective paid ad strategy and targeting specific users who have interests in the services provided resulted in a high ROI for our client with low ad spend utilized.

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